SEO Benefits and Disadvantages

Benefits of SEO

You appear to people interested in what you sell precisely when they are looking for it.
The main benefit of SEO is the visibility you will achieve on Google.

Not only will you get more exposure, but you’ll be in front of people interested in what you do just when they’re looking for you.

Doesn’t that sound like a superpower?

Instead of having to invest in “digital billboards” that interrupt the user when they really want to see something else, you’ll be their solution when they need exactly what you offer.

For example, imagine you are looking for a tutorial on YouTube to make a recipe. As usual, before playing the video, you see an ad that you have to wait 5 seconds to skip.

Generate more visits to your website

On average, 40,000 searches are performed on Google every second. That is 3.5 billion queries per day.

Therefore, positioning yourself on the first page for a search can generate millions of visits.

Of course, it all depends:

Just because a query has 10,000 monthly searches does not mean that the person in the #1 spot for that query will receive 10,000 visits in the month.

Every day, more and more searches generate no clicks. This happens because Google, thinking about the convenience of users, created featured snippets, which offer the answer to a search without having to enter the website.

What is true is that 90% of the time, users do not bother to explore the results page in depth: a large portion of the clicks are taken by whoever is in first place for the query in question.

Some people will even prefer to change their search until they find what they need in the first position, before considering the second or third Google result.

You increase your brand visibility

With SEO practices, you will build a community that tomorrow will give you ‘free advertising’ by sharing with their acquaintances everything you do.

If you are always there to answer people’s questions just when they need you, they will start to build a relationship with you and your brand without you having searched for them.

In addition, SEO allows you to appear in front of people who don’t even know who you are, but they do know that they need whatever it is you sell. Visit Web Links Broker where you will find lots of useful tips and information.

That means you multiply the number of users you can reach by creating the right content.

You close more sales

If you are a reference in your area, you are much more likely to make a sale, because you have the trust and support of an entire industry.

Intuitively, even people who know nothing about SEO, blindly trust Google and know that if someone is first, it’s for a reason.

The sales process, therefore, is greatly shortened: Google has taken care of selling you as the most qualified in your area and the trust that this generates with the consumer is immediate.